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Explore by Self

Pedong and its surroundings have a lot to offer to the discerning traveller. There are plenty of single day hike routes into the beautiful jungles, village explorations and as well as motorcycle routes. The hotel itself offers multiple quiet corners by a rock, under a tree, in the jungle etc. This is due to the pretty big area that we have access to and we have put little arrows to help you find your own little serene space. And if you go beyond these arrows you will discover a beautiful little village neatly hidden away just below our area.

Get lost in the Jungles of Pedong

The entire region out here is surrounded by forests with some very unique hidden sights and scenes. You will have plenty of opportunity to explore single day hikes for a couple of days. You can also hire local guides for the same depending on their availability. Some of these routes can easily be done by self and safety is of no issue at all out here.

Places here are like the above shown pics, wherin the first one with the person, is Damsang Fort. It is one of the few places in the whole of Darjeeling & Kalimpong region giving a glimpse of local Kingdom history. The area features old ruins of an era before the coming of the British into the region. Also the Damsang area is lined with some very awesome old fir trees, which are like 200 - 300 years old and have about 6 to 8 branches/shoots from a single ground. You would typically need a guide for this.

Some of these forested places can also be done by car, but we would only suggest a vehicle that can take some off-road beating as well. And some of these routes are very simple and can be done all by yourself.

Motorcycle Madness- offroad/uncharted routes

As a motorcycle enthusiast myself (author/ownwer), I would like to tell you that there are plenty of routes out here which may not show on your usual google maps. The routes comprise of both road and off-road characteristics. Every day you can wander off to some new place spend some time there and come back. Most people are afraid of getting lost when hitting unknown or uncharted routes but I would like to tell you that, there is a beauty in itself, in getting lost. Firstly you are never actually lost, cause the mountain roads are such, that if you take a route and feel lost, there is only one route to head back, that is the one you came from. If you hit a dead end, you head back. There is nothing like going to one of these routes finding a chill location and sitting back until it soothes your soul. Pack light - a backpack with water, some edibles, maybe some music and a (J) if you are that guy.

Here are some routes from our place, all starting from the Retreat.

  • Retreat - Pedong bazaar - Crossbill - Raniban Riverside Forest - Back

  • Retreat - Sakyong - Kagay - Kolakham - Lava - Retreat

  • Retreat - Silvery Goan- Ramitey - Back

  • Retreat- 20th Mile - Rishop - Kagey - Mudung Khola(river) - Sakyong- Retreat

  • Retreat- 21mile- Menchu- Duka - Back

Please note that, not all of the places mentioned here may show on google maps. These are for local reference.

Get inspired by the village way of life - Village Walks

In our property, as you go past the tent area, you will find little arrows pointing towards areas for you to explore more. But as go below and a little further down, you will discover a a different scene altogether. There is an entire village for you to explore as you go further down. This area or said village cannot be seen from the Retreat. You have to cross our little forested area to explore this. Above pics shown are a actual depiction of the same. There are pathways throughout village areas wherein you can go and explore. But be wary of peoples privacy when doing so. Not that anyone would mind you exploring a village, just don't be too intrusive without permission. Having said that, this village exploration which is usually by self, is an absolute must. You can go as far as you want, exploring one village to the next, right to the end of the mountain. Mobile networks are available throughout.

And of course, there are tons of other things for you to do, like...

  • Find a quite corner in the property and chill.

  • Lounge in the restaurant with its in-house lil bar

  • Chart a vehicle for a day trip to some place that you may have in mind

  • Work from your room or the the workspace hut

  • Make new friends by chatting up people

  • If you are a motorcyclist and need a mechanic there is a motorcycle garage just opposite to us.

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