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5 reasons to stay with us

We are going to give you 5 reasons to stay with us without any BS with things like beautiful location, serene ambiance, best value for money etc. These are things that we already are.

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Reason No. 1

We are the best thing you can get at Pedong and its surrounding areas ! (excluding Kalimpong)

With 15+ years of experience as a bootstrapped property we have learnt slowly & steadily. We have learned to offer facilities & services based on our regions infrastructure without sugarcoating anything. We offer clean comfortable rooms & tents with an in-house restaurant with good food along with wifi throughout. The ambiance here is relaxed and casual. But we, are still the best, you can get out here.

Reason No. 2

We are probably the only property right now out here with an age limit for guests

We have an age limit of 21 - 49 years for guests staying with us. This is done so in order to facilitate and promote similar & like minded travellers to the property. This is also to keep services simple and to the point without cluttering the simplicity to make way for a more conscious traveller and avoid tourists.

Reason No. 3

You are safe with Us

We take the safety of our guests as an utmost priority. Though this is something every property strives to, this is our way of telling you that there is privacy here, away from close ended neighbourhoods, away from unwanted attention. There are also CCTVs covering every nook & corner of the Retreat.

Also, if there is any kind of natural calamities or other, rest assured, we got your back.

Reason No. 4

Ton of private space outside of immediate Retreat area

We have a ton of private space with loads of natural greenery along with a little Jungle of our own outside of our immediate Retreat area. This is made open to our in-house guests and we have little arrows giving directions to the spaces that you can explore. This means you can be even further away from the Retreat, yet within private area wherein you can simply lounge under a tree, atop a rock or simply on grass.

Reason No. 5

We are going to be upfront with you regarding some things to avoid any confusion
  • We do not have room service. The restaurant and the accommodation section is separated with a distance of about 40 secs walk. So for the accommodation side we do not have any service for food & beverages. For that you will have to come to the restaurant wherein you will get table service at the restaurant area. However, if you wish to carry your food & beverages to your room by self, we have no problems with that.

  • You carry your own luggage. We do not follow the protocol of carrying guest luggage, hence you will have to do this by self. For most who are aware of such things, you are probably someone who already understands.

  • Remember to never pet or feed any dogs that may come happily wagging their tail. In fact shoo them away. If you feed or promote them in any way, be dead sure that they WILL run off with your shoes and things when you are not watching. However this does not mean You cannot come with your pets. We are pet friendly, but, completely at your own responsibility.

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